Posted by: ssorrrell | June 17, 2007

This Blog’s Intention

I guess this is like a mission statement. Except that the purpose is not to rule the world like any of a number of massive corporations or to be the number 5 manufacturer of widgets in my slice of the widget market like many, many smaller corporations.

There are three intentions behind this blog; Share information, Think out loud, and Show pretty pictures.

Sharing information will not be a problem. I tend to absorb everything around me and it’s impossible not to let a tiny fraction of it slip out. What works and doesn’t, New materials, Information on current materials, gardening practices, etc. for the summer desert/winter tundra that is the Texas Panhandle.

Thinking out loud includes planning for next season, picking plants, evolving new (to me) ideas, and recording current results.

Show pretty pictures.. Come on who doesn’t like to pretty pictures? I’ve got some great ones in the camera ready for uploading. Plants for one, but also bugs. You can’t have one without the other.

This is my second blog. My first is a WordPress blog at Stephen’s Personal Blog where I rent space. There the garden posts have gotten to be a bit much. They can run very long and I was curious to see how a commercial blog host works.


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