Posted by: ssorrrell | June 20, 2007


My Canon PowerShot A610 is a great 5MP camera.  You can see the photos.  There were several that I threw away, because I couldn’t get it to focus down to 6″ or so.  I’m looking for a bug/plant cam.  Even better if it gives me distance focus.  Like picking up a squirrel on the back fence from the back door (8″ tall at 60′ distance).

Watching the garden has been quite an education.  One of the things I overlooked was the importance of identifying the bugs.  I know the house pests; aphids, spider mites, etc.  The garden has a rich diversity of predatory/prey relationships.  Bugs have that unusual ability of completely changing their appearance like caterpillar and butterfly.  So, I need a book to identify the little critters to figure out what’s going on in the tiny aspect of their world I can see.

The sunflower bed and the flower bed are starting to produce cucumbers.  And the bush beans will be finishing soon.  If they are any indication there is way, way more food than I can eat.  I will need more mouths to feed.  (That don’t live here.)

Some weeds can have a beneficial influence on plants and many are edible; purslane, henbit, pigweed, lamb’s quarter.   In addition, certain ones are great at creating a cool, moist nursery under their leaves for seedlings.  The aggressive speed with which they grow helps this greatly.  I need a weed identification book or resource.


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