Posted by: ssorrrell | June 23, 2007

Bug Cam

Yesterday, I researched and purchased a camera for taking pictures of bugs and birds. To take a picture of bugs the feature to look for is called Macro or SuperMacro.  Most cameras will indicate the minimum distance. Of course, the distance pics for the birds require a telephoto feature or a high zoom (over 4) with image stabilization.

Two sites were very helpful.
Imaging Resource
Dave’s Picks

Steve’s Digicams

I chose the Canon S3 from Circuit City for $303.  It was marked $303 on the Internet vs $350 in the store.  Since this wasn’t an Internet only price they were happy to correct it and sell the last one.  It’s kind of big and hard to find a camera bag.  There are so many very slim cameras available.  This is not one of them.  It has lots of features and I figured most of them out.  My other camera is Canon so the menus system is almost identical.  No relearning.  The standard SD memory slot means cheap, compatible memory with the other camera.  Both use standard AAs.
It hasn’t been used yet.  Though I did practice using the zoom, autofocus and macro modes.  The first tomato is waiting to be photographed and there are some bugs living on the parsley that I want to research.



  1. Hey Stephen, I just loved the picture of the squirrel with the tulips! That was good. Don and I was watching a very large racoon on the top of our bird feeder as we were looking out our picture window. It would have been a perfect picture if my camera could have zoomed in on him despite the glass window. We have also have deer just outside our door that would also have been a great shot. At least I have it in my memory. It really is wonderful living in a state park!

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