Posted by: ssorrrell | June 23, 2007

Living Mulch Around Tomatoes

Some plants weren’t doing too well when initially planted. They seemed to get sunburned, like a person. The leaves darkened and the plant didn’t look well. This was an extremely mild spring and I wonder if these little guys could make it through to the phase when they are shielded most of the summer.

There are some interesting combinations around the Tomatoes. These really seem to enjoy being covered up. The best is chamomile. It seems to be growing towards the base of SuperTom. It’s thriving.

On the other side is a silver mound wormwood. Though it’s not thriving it doesn’t seem bothered by the cover at all. The wormwood wasn’t bothered by “too” much sun.

The final cover under SuperTom was planted recently. I picked a purple potato vine, because it would be easily visible. And I love the day long delicate blooms.

On one end of the bed under the Three Sisters is a ground covering oregano. He was really getting burned. Now that the tom above shades most of the day he looks healthy and is spreading in all directions.

One more that needed temporary shade until established was the Sorrel. As a transplant from the nursery the leaves were 1-2 inches long. They are now 6-8 inches apiece. This is one of my favorites, because it taste’s so good.

The oregano and chamomile seem to be great choices for planting around tomato seedlings in the spring. They both stay 1-2 inches high, spread in all directions, and cover the soil. It remains to be seen whether they affect the flavor. The tomatoes near them have lots of vigor.

Update: 7/3/07
The chamomile under the tomato is really not doing well.  It seems like some kind of disease hit it hard.  Probably doesn’t help  that the tomato is leaning on it as it grows.  There is chamomile left and it’s growing towards the bee balm on the opposite side from the tomato.


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