Posted by: ssorrrell | July 3, 2007

Tomato Issues

I’ve had some concern recently over the Tomatoes.  The flea beetles that tore through the alysum in the next bed have migrated.  And they seem to have transmitted a virus that causes the leaves to gently curl up.  I found this link from Colorado State U. to be helpful.

It seems there’s nothing to do.  The plants are well past the danger of destruction by the flea beetles, who seem to take much long to attach Tomato leaves than alysum.  Viruses can’t be cured and really it’s one plant that’s strongly affected.  One of the three sisters.

The whole bed is poring with green energy.  The tomatoes are very strong, still growing, and blooming.  One of the green basil is blooming like crazy.  The purple basil is blooming.  The sweet marjoram has been going for over a month.


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