Posted by: ssorrrell | July 8, 2007

Garden Update

Some interesting things are going on in the beds.  The little sunflowers, watermelon, and sweet potato are taking over that bed.  It seems a little dry perhaps due to immature plants and less effective mulch.  I can’t wait for the watermelons to start.

The sunflower bed is huge.  A couple of the sunflowers are at least 9 foot.  One might reach 10 ft before it blooms.  I never imagined.  When the sunflower opens it stops growing up and little heads lower down will start to develop.  The corn has flowered and several stalks have silks and baby corn.   A couple of cucumbers in the patch have started walking up the sunflower and corn.  One is already 3+ ft off the ground and progressing quickly.  Makes picking very easy.

Several smaller plants have emerged after having seed thrown months ago; particularly chamomile and parsley.  This bed is wild.  I can’t decide whether that’s good or bad.  9 ft sunflowers, 4-5 ft corn, 3 ft marigolds and lots of things under the canopy along the edges.  The roots must be very heavily intertwined in innumerable ways.

In the flowerbed at the end of the pergola the morning glories have sprinted up the 8 ft trellises.  All the flowers look great.  I trimmed some of the slower morning glories and nasturtiums back to keep them from smothering the low marigolds, petunias, and zinnias.  The okra is producing a lot and growing well.

I pulled almost all the lettuce in the potato bed and dumped some potting soil on it.  Then I planted a whole bunch of peas.  Reading “How to Grow More Vegetables” I was amazed how closely you can plant peas.  I thought they were more like beans.  I also planted cucumber and cantaloupe.  Most seem to be doing well.  The sunflowers are blooming and the potatoes are unchanged.  I guess they are are making taters.

The tomato bed has gone wild with tomato plants.  We must have hit their target temperature range, because they are started smothering everything and fruiting like crazy.  I need to pull the beets to give them more room.  They got floppy after one of the rains and I used  sticks to prop them up and get air flow.  As big as they are they aren’t very dense per plant.  Clumped together they are impenetrable.  I’m curious about saving seed, because there is a modern hybrid, another heirloom, and a lot of Purple Cherokee.  I wonder if any of the seeds will be worth saving.

The flea beetles that tore up the alysum under the potatoes are still there.  They moved to the tomato bed, but the plants were far too established to be destroy or damaged much.  I pull leaves that seem too damaged or are showing a disease.  All the plants are far outgrowing the insect damage.  So, I leave it alone.

All the plants seem pretty happy.


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