Posted by: ssorrrell | August 3, 2007

Pulling Up the Sunflower Bed

Yesterday, I pulled up the Sunflower bed. Once the heads formed and opened the rest of the plant seemed to get ignored by itself. Constant bug attacks and lack of general maintenance left me with some very tall, very drooping, battle scarred sunflowers. Caterpillar infestation became an almost daily event.

The corn was not doing really well and the lower plants like cucumbers and beans were very bleached looking from the disease. So, I pulled up everything, except the corn. Which I’ll pull up tomorrow. There’s not enough time today to pluck, pull, shuck, boil, and freeze the corn.

For most of the sunflowers I put them in the compost bin. Weeds and other plants got tossed into the blank space. A few sunflowers stayed, because the heads were ripe or the plant wasn’t about to fall over.

One surprise I noticed a few weeks ago is a white fungus growing in the bed. I think it is an explosion of the fungi eating the tree roots that are under the bed. It doesn’t seem harmful. Nothing on the live plants.


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