Posted by: ssorrrell | August 3, 2007

Tomato Problems

The tomatoes have been struck with a disease, bacterial or wilt, that kills leaves and stems from the bottom up.  The top of plant continues to grow strong and bloom, sprawling all over everything.  The older heart of the plant, once dense with foliage is bare and the visibly straining stalks look more stressed every day.  In addition, other flowers and plants that the tomato was leaning on and covered have died.  Leaving a rather baren, dry ground.

I’ll throw some new seed in here to help create a microclimate again.  A surprise are that the basils seem unaffected and are thriving in the holes created in the tomato canopy.  I once worried they the toms would kill them and they are now growing wild shielding the tom fruit.  This may be a useful technique again.  Plant some annuals that may get covered and die for lack of sun, because the main plant may die or get damaged and the disposable annual covers for the damaged areas.


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