Posted by: ssorrrell | August 3, 2007

Watermelon Bed Update

The Watermelon bed is going very well.  I noticed the first watermelon, about softball size, today.  the vines are starting to grow very everywhere.  The small yellow flowers are pretty.  The watermelon vines are very, very furry.  Some of them have climbed up the sunflowers.  I don’t think they will grow a melon up there, but it gives them some more height and some more sun.  Giving them something tall to grow on is a good idea in the future.  An easy way to increase biodiversity and appearance.  The sweet potato vine in this bed is doing fantastic.  It doesn’t grow up or climb.  Makes a great ground cover.

There is a purple sweet potato next to one of the raised beds that is also very heathly and yellow one in the flower bed.  The affect on the ground is similar to henbit and bindweed?  One central plant grows out in all directions and covers the ground, but does not sprout along the way like bermuda grass.  The dry, desicated ground underneath is cooler and holds more moisture.  I don’t know if it is healthier.  Weeds don’t grow through it.  This action could be useful for rehabing a spot, but I don’t fully understand the process going on.  It must have an affect on the ground that improves it.  Perhaps when the leaves die they leave biomass in soil without any?


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