Posted by: ssorrrell | August 26, 2007

Mr Stripey Tomato

This year I got three tomato varieties in ~6 plants.  One of them was a clearance Mr Stripey plant.  The others started from seed.  I had no idea what to expect.  It was competing against multiple, older seeds of a hybrid and Cherokee Purple.

It started slow.  Buried, like all the tomatoes at up to half of the main stem.  The neighboring Cherokee Purple took off quickly dwarfing the smaller Mr Stripey and surrounding herbs; basil, marjoram, and wormwood.  In June, the CPs were struck with a bacterial disease.  The Mr Stripey was affected to.  As the lower leaves disappeared more light was received by the herbs.  Mr Stripey and the basil have filled the spot once held by the slowly dying and very large CP.

The Mr Stripey took about the same amount of time to bear as the CPs.  They started as seed and began in June and continue.  The fruit is larger and less frequent.  It yields an orange, low acid fruit with a mild taste.  The pictures show stripped orange and lighter orange tomatoes.  I’ve only seen this on a few tomatoes and seldom on the fruit that is still on the vine.  If you bring it in and let it sit on the counter a day or so it will look more like the picture.

It has been a good vine; very vigorous with larger fruit and more bacterial or wilt disease resistance than Cherokee Purple.  I would definitely grow again.  And have already ordered the seeds.



  1. This is the first year I’ve had any luck with Mr. Stripy. Planted two and one made it…..plenty of beautiful fruits and a real eye catcher. We’ll plant next year as we try some other heirlooms.


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