Posted by: ssorrrell | September 27, 2007

Fall Mulch

It’s fall and I started putting down mulch. Pete’s Greenhouse did not have the same selection of mulch as in the spring. I got 21 bags of pine bark and 6 bags of pecan, just to be different. The pecan was pricier, but worth it for certain areas. It’s got a natural red color and looks to be very discouraging to snails and cats. The pine bark is much finer and will easily dissolve by spring. Most of it was spread around today, but the light ran out.

It’s important to water very well before applying as the mulch will seal the ground. The trickle hoses ran till the ground seemed saturated.

A few spots are left. The Magnolia tree’s mulch is completely gone. It was the thickest in the spring. There wasn’t enough time to let the hose soak that area. The roses need something. They sit next to the house and catch runoff. That ground absorbs organic matter at an incredible rate. I’m not comfortable putting decomposing wood products that close to the house. Several bales of straw might be helpful. And hopefully cheaper. When the raised beds die down after the first hard freeze, several ft3 can be added to raise the level of the soil.

Update 9/30/2007: I put down 10 bags of cheap pine bark and 4 bags of cyprus mulch around the yard. It can probably use another 20-30 bags. Thats ~60 2 ft3 bags twice a year.

To see if the snails would walk on the pecan shell mulch, I dropped three in a sleeping planter that was mulched.  After two days they hadn’t moved.  It would be great if this is a snail deterant.  I could border all the planting beds.


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