Posted by: ssorrrell | October 27, 2007

First Freeze

The first freeze happened this week.  Monday, was kind of iffy.  There was some damage around the edges of certain beds.  Tuesday, I pulled all the tomatoes and watermelon left on the vines.  The tomatoes really blew me a way.  There’s 15-20 lbs of green fruit.  This is 2-4 times what I pulled off in the summer.  The freeze was a bit worse on Tuesday night, but not enough to kill the tomatoes.  It was enough to destroy almost every single leaf on the pumpkin.  It hasn’t gotten near freezing since then.  All the plants, except the pumpkin are doing pretty good.  Some, like nasturtiums, seem to have a little antifreeze in them.

It’s kind of sad to see the vegetables slowing down.  There’s a lot less work to do on them.  Just kind of waiting till they finally kick it.

Today, I dug up a ring around the oak tree in the front yard.  The tulips finally came in this week.  I broke sod and hoed in hay and bulb food.  It’s been really dry.  So, I watered and will plant tomorrow.  I have 85 mixed to put down.  The other yards look spectacular in the spring and it would be nice to join in.
There’s some to do inside.  All those hyacinth bulbs I started forcing in August are doing great.  They will make a highly odoriferous display for months.  Something like 25 bulbs in pots.


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