Posted by: ssorrrell | October 27, 2007

Mulch Found

There was no post last week, because I was spreading mulch in the backyard. A friend who’s brother is a farmer dropped off a small round bale of 2 yr old hay. It took most of a day to spread most of the bale over the entire backyard, except for the beds. It’s kind of thin over the grass, 2-3″. And it’s very thick over the bare and weedy spots, ~6″. The entire yard is a golden yellow. And there’s still quite a bit of hay left. As soon as I could more the core I hid it behind the fence. There’s 2-3 square bales worth in it. This was quite a job I would rather not repeat. Hopefully, there’s enough organic matter to grass next year. In the spring, I’ll though seed.

In this area, straw mulch is probably the best thing. It’s way cheaper than repeatedly loading the El Camino with 2 cu ft at a time. This biome is a nearly treeless grassland. It’s a local product. So, there’s less fuel spent getting it to the store and it benefits local businesses.



  1. We’ve had good luck with straw mulch in our garden. It does make the garden a lovely color this time of year. We got a delivery from my brother yesterday and I’m anxious to get it spread over our yard. The garden is definitely winding down.

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