About Me

My name is Stephen and I live in the middle of the dry, dusty Texas Panhandle, Amarillo.  During the day I work at CSStars or the company that bought Corporate Systems writing insurance management software.  I have two degrees; one in Computer Science and one in Engineering.  Both from Texas Tech.  I’m a geeky technofile that likes to play in the dirt.

Last year my 3rd story apartment patio was crammed with plants.  A couple of pigeons even decided to raise a baby there.  This year I bought a 40 year old house with a big yard.  Growing up we in Canadian, Texas we grew all sorts of things in the sandy soil near the Canadian river.  My brother, sister, and I raised pigs with FHA and 4-H for college money.

My mom and her family worked as field pickers when they were young.  Grandma has lots of experiences and can identify nearly anything.  She grew up out in the country, going to school in a one room school house near Childress. Mom is legally blind, but that doesn’t stop her from creating lush landscapes, patios, ponds, or anything else she wants.

Sat nam


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