Cocoa Shell Mulch

National Cocoa Shell
From Cocoa Bean Mulch FAQ
Q: What is the nature of this mulch?
A: Cocoa shell mulch, also called cocoa mulch, cocoa bean mulch, cocoa bean shell mulch, or cocoa bean hull mulch is simply the shell of the cocoa bean. These shells come off the bean during the roasting process and are separated from the beans by strong air action, thus insuring a dry weed-free product.
Q: Why is this mulch better than other types?
A: It lasts longer, smells better, gets darker with age, and provides various nutrients beneficial to plants and the soil. It retains moisture better than regular mulch and is an excellent insulator for root systems in winter and summer.

Q: Does it add nutrients to the soil?
A: Yes! Because of its slow decomposition process, it adds nutrients to the soil rather than draws from the soil. Cocoa shell mulch contains 2.5% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphate, and 3% Potash. It has a pH factor of 5.8. No supplemental nitrogen is needed when cocoa shell mulch is applied.

Q: It feels so light. Is there a problem with the wind blowing it away?
A: No. Provided you spray it down thoroughly with water after spreading. The shells will curl and interlock, creating a honeycomb effect, making for a carpetlike bed of mulch.

From Why Sell Cocoa Shell Mulch

  1. Chocolate aroma – creates a positive association (Everyone loves chocolate!)
  2. Holds moisture
  3. Easy maintenance – just dress the top and the shell is like new
  4. Beautiful Appearance
  5. Loosens and adds nutrients to the soil
  6. Does not attract insects
  7. Dark color is unphased by the bleaching sun
  8. Insulates roots from extreme temperatures
  9. Environmentally friendly recycled product

VitaSoil@Grafton, Wisconsin
From VitaSoil® Cocoa Shell Mulch
Gardeners everywhere are quickly discovering the many added benefits of using cocoa shell mulch over other ground covers. It’s 100% organic. And unlike wood based ground covers which remove nitrogen from the soil as they breakdown, cocoa shell mulch becomes nutrient rich humus which improves soil structure and its ability to retain moisture. VitaSoil Cocoa Shell Mulch contains approximately 2.5% Nitrogen, 1% Phosphate and 3% Potash.

They are a by-product of chocolate manufacturing. During roasting shells come off and are separated from the bean by strong air action ensuring they are dry and weed free.

Cocoa shells are much smaller than bark and other wood chips, giving gardens a softer and more natural look as they fill them with a wonderful aroma.

They contain a natural gum that is activated when watered bonding cocoa shells into a loosely knit porous mat. This enables cocoa shell mulch to do a better job of slowing soil moisture loss through evaporation and retarding weed growth. The texture of cocoa shells also deters slugs and snails to help prevent plant damage.

VitaSoil Cocoa Shell Mulch is lightweight and easy to use. Spread a 2″ layer on the ground, water and in moments your garden will be filled with a wonderful chocolate aroma. As cocoa shells age they turn a deep, rich brown creating a dramatic background for all your plants.



  1. I need a local supplier for the cocoa bean mulch — use them and love them — but have a problem getting them! Any sources near Janesville, Wi. ?? Thank You – M.E.A. I own a pick up truck, so transporting a quanity is no problem.

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